Creo Technologies is a young company. Young from our inception in 2010 but also young from our employee perspective.

The team at Creo is a group of diverse, highly talented and joyful individuals. Together we have a drive of achieving excellence and hence we are contributing to the fast growth of our company.

Creo is one of the fastest growing intelligence companies in the Middle East and is an equal opportunity employer. We stand for our strong ethics, our openess, transparency and ability to execute.

We have a healthy mix of experienced people, whether they have been in BI for some years or some decades they are all experienced in working on large scale projects across different industries across the region and even globally.

If you are interested in joining our, please share your resume with us via Kindly understand though that we receive a large number of resumes and therefore cannot answer each e-mail. But be asured that we keep your resume on file if matching with our requirements and we will contact you when a suitable opportunity comes across.