Our mission

To deliver the best quality end to end solutions in the Middle East to meet and exceed the expectations of  clients in order to build long term relationships..

Core goals

  • Helping our customers make better decision.

  • Create competitive advantage with business intelligence.

  • Make data and information accessible on every device.

  • Think ahead and be prepared for the future.

Our experience

Data warehousing - 33 years
Business intelligence - 42 years
Analytics - 14 years
Intelligence apps - 12 years
Data visualization - 12 years
Planning and forecasting: - 15 years

What we are good at

Customers rely on us to continue to lead innovation in response to current trends, such as mobile, cloud computing, social media and big data BI; all of which are transforming how businesses operate. We are confident that we can also help you address these trends to drive better overall business performance.

We design, build and deploy high quality at a fixed price. You can rely on our years of experience;

Unlock data and transform it into decision supportive information is becoming a competitive advantage.

The world has gone mobile. Period. Accessibility of information anytime and anywhere has become a must have.

Deep dive into your data once you have it unlocked. Reporting will tell you what, when and why it happened.

Visualization though is a very powerful tool if it is done correctly. Complex data and information becomes easily understandable and usable.

Keeping cost under control and thus increase margin whilst at the same time planning your growth has become an absolute must.

Our partners