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We design, build and deploy high quality at a fixed price. You can rely on our years of experience;

Unlock data and transform it into decision supportive information is becoming a competitive advantage.

The world has gone mobile. Period. Accessibility of information anytime and anywhere has become a must have.

Deep dive into your data once you have it unlocked. Reporting will tell you what, when and why it happened.

Visualization though is a very powerful tool if it is done correctly. Complex data and information becomes easily understandable and usable.

Keeping cost under control and thus increase margin whilst at the same time planning your growth has become an absolute must.

Our skills & expertise

Lots of businesses decide one day that ‘we should do business intelligence’. Great initiative, but where to start? Yes, with your business! How can they be facilitated with business intelligence in such a way that your investment actually pays back? Our business analysts engage with your business users to get those requirements. What current sources of information do they use now, where does it come from, what do they miss and how do they want it to be delivered, our team finds out.

Our findings will be documented in a ‘Business discovered’ document and discussed, adjusted where necessary and agreed upon with you. This document is the foundation of all our further engagements, whether it is a two weeks of twenty weeks project, this is what we do. Always.

Meeting requirements from business users not only requires a thorough understanding of their needs, understanding the data available in as vital. Your business intelligence will only be strong as your data. Therefore data discovery is essential; databases not only contain data in all different formats and types, applications using these databases are very different from each other in what is actually stored and not.

The Creo team of data analysts has the technical knowhow and business understanding to determine what can be done with your data and how it needs to be done

Applications exist all over your business. Whether it is your HR system, your POS, warehouse or merchandising system, they use databases. Getting all those sources into a 360 degree view of your business is a demanding job.

Integrating different sources, often into a datawarehouse, is known as the process of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL). Our ETL specialists have broad experience on different ETL technologies and therefore assure high performance and thus high quality integration processes, irrespective of what technology you have in place or prefer. Based on the results of our data discovery we will deploy the process as designed and approved by you.

Visually presented information is 10 times strong than traditional grids and spreadsheet. But effectively leveraging on our human visual capabilities is an expertise on its own. Translating your business requirements into dashboards and documents that both meet these requirements and are effective is another one. This is where our conceptual designers step in. Their technical knowhow of the business intelligence application of choice and their visual design capabilities assure you that enterprise-grade dashboard and document will be delivered as part of your project.

Our vast experience in the Middle East across industries for many years has shaped us. Big time. We have come across so many different business and situations that sometimes we think we have seen it all. But we know better; there will always be ups and downs, victories and disappointments, we all know and that’s not a bad thing. How you deal with them is key. At Creo we work with a set and proven project methodology. Based on a detailed project plan, which we created on basis of both business and data discovery we will perfectly guide along the timeline of our work. Lines are short and issues are documented and fixed on the shortest notice. This is how we have built our business and this is how we continue to do so. We are here to stay.

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