100% mobile

The world has gone mobile. Period. Accessibility of information anytime and anywhere has become a must have. Imagine the improvement of productivity of your staff if they could access their critical business information 24/7! Be in a meeting with live data, not that spreadsheet that you printed just before you had to run to make your meeting in time.

MicroStrategy Mobile

Video: MicoStrategy Apps

With MicroStrategy Mobile you get the opportunity to build your own native apps for both iOS and Android devices. It is the easiest way to mobilize all the analytical power of the MicroStrategy architecture and bring to your business users by apps.

We are experts at deploying intelligence apps. Not only transforming your business intelligence layers to mobile, but also making it appealing to your business users. We have designed dozens of MicroStrategy mobile applications, from visual sketches to end-user deployment. Our visual design team and consultants collaborate closely to get that app that empowers your people most.

Interested in our capabilities? We will deliver a small proof-of-concept on your mobile device within 10 business days. Try us!