Designing & building

Designing and building a data warehouse is a challenging job. Project schedules tend to be long and cost estimations are difficult. However, you would like to know beforehand what you are looking at and how to deal with it as an organization.

At Creo Technologies we believe that goes without saying. We design, build and deploy high quality at a fixed price. You can rely on our years of experience; together our highly skilled professionals provide over decades of experience in various technologies. This ensures that we can deal with any requirement and situation.

Every project is unique

Design, build, test, document, implement, train and manage. Each project is unique, depending on the purpose it is to serve. Often projects are designed with a lot of customizations upfront. We believe in ‘standardization by default, customize where necessary’. Our extensive knowledge across various business domains help you to get the project delivered efficient, fast and reliable.

Furthermore we use remote working technology where ever required and therefore we can delivered solutions in the complete Gulf region.

We are an independent company and therefore able to select whatever technology suits your infrastructure, skills, experience and requirements best.

Our approach

Before taking upon a project we exactly scope the project. A detailed project plan, milestones and deliverables will be signed off with you as our client. The responsibility and risks are thus with us, like it should be. Our experience, expertise and flexibility give you the assurance of high quality and the agreed fixed price.

Are you interested in our approach? Ask our successful customers. They have been our loyal customers, for whom we have been working for years and they have been regularly calling on us ever since.