Dependent on information

Nowadays companies run on IT; whether it’s your point-of-sales systems, your warehouse, factory or just your financial administration, automation is everywhere and we are more dependent on information from these systems than ever; business intelligence.

The amount of data available to turn into information has literally exploded over the last decade and more and more the ability to unlock this data and transform it into decision supportive information is becoming a competitive advantage.

Video: BI in practise

NO 1 Analytics & BI platform

To be able to cope with these requirements deploying a business intelligence solution is a more complex process than ever. Creo Technologies is the trusted and preferred MicroStrategy partner in the Gulf; it offers the #1 analytics and BI platform in the industry across web and mobile devices.

Our team of consultants has been engaged in numerous projects over the years across a large number of industries in the Gulf. We are more than happy to share our experiences and thoughts with you, just let us know!